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Teleflora is an online flower delivery company that sells artistically arranged bouquets for every occasion. Each bouquet is crafted to be big and beautiful, or small and dainty based on your preference and all come with vases you can keep!

Mentioned in the likes of AdWeek, Huffington Post, and Harper’s Bazaar, the brand has become a go-to destination for same-day delivery flowers in the U.S. and Canada. For everyday, special occasions, or even for a special someone, Teleflora has a bouquet that fits the bill.

This Teleflora Flowers review will take an in-depth look at the website and its products, and also showcase some of the most popular Teleflora arrangements. Keep reading for more.

Overview of Teleflora Flowers

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Teleflora’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California with a large network of florists that they work with (30,000+ to be exact).

When you place an order on their website, you can be sure that a local florist is arranging your bouquet with fresh flowers every time and the delivery service ensures that you’re not receiving a dehydrated, wilted arrangement by the time it arrives at your house.

The brand prides itself on offering gift ideas for every occasion. They even created a collection for holidays called the Thomas Kinkade Teleflora Collection that features large red, white, and green bouquets with roses, pinecones, wreaths, and more.

Need something a little more, all year round? Teleflora seems to have endless themed collections including:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Get Well
  • Birthdays
  • Valentines Day
  • Just Because
  • Thank You
  • New Baby

So if you are a fan of festive floral arrangements and gifts, you’ve come to the right place!

The Teleflora difference? “You won’t receive pre-packaged flowers in nondescript boxes dropped on your doorstep. Whatever the sentiment, say it with flowers!”

Keep reading this Teleflora flowers review for a list of pros and cons.


  • An extensive selection of quality flowers for special occasions
  • Same day flower delivery available
  • 30,000+ florists in their network
  • Arrangements arrive in beautiful vases, never boxes
  • Customization is available
  • Rewards Program
  • Accepts international orders
  • 2-10 day return policy


  • Issues with reliability, delayed shipping, and refunds
  • Substitutions for the brand are common

This next section of this Teleflora Flowers review will feature some of the online floral retailer’s bestsellers.

Teleflora Flowers Review

The Teleflora flower delivery service has many options, so you are sure to find something suited to your particular tastes. Expect to see flowers of all varieties and many colors.

It is worth noting that the majority of the arrangements below have an all-around orientation. Every angle on display will be beautiful. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Teleflora Beautiful in Blue Review

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This beauty of a bouquet in blue is sure to add a little tranquility to any space it occupies.

The Beautiful in Blue arrangement includes Blue Hydrangea, white Oriental Lilies, White Roses, Alstroemeria, a white Disbud Mum, Purple Statice, and Lavender Limonium.

Talk about a full vase! This Teleflora review adores the additional accents of seeded eucalyptus and salal that bring the arrangement to life in a gorgeous blue vase. It’s always the little touches that make all the difference.

The Beautiful in Blue arrangement can be an everyday surprise for your significant other, especially if their favorite color is blue! The arrangement is available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard for $60
  • Deluxe for $64
  • Premium for $76

Teleflora Sugar Maples Flowers Review

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This Sugar Maples arrangement is perfect for fall harvest vibes and we suggest having it in the middle of the table during Thanksgiving.

This one would make a stunning autumnal table centerpiece as it includes red, orange, and yellow Roses, Chrysanthemums, and Hypericum. Accents of fall leaves adorn the bouquet, which is situated in a rustic terracotta pot.

The Sugar Maples arrangement could steal the show at your next Thanksgiving, or even add a pop of color to your decor when you celebrate Halloween. The arrangement is available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard for $40
  • Deluxe for $42
  • Premium for $51

Teleflora Be My Love Flowers Review

5 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Trying to win over your object of affection with flowers? The Be My Love bouquet will surely impress.

This gorgeous arrangement in red and white features red Roses, Lilies, Carnations, and Daisies. Don’t forget the beautiful red vase that ties it all together.

This dynamic arrangement is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or just as a romantic gesture any time of year. Specifically, this Teleflora review recommends this bouquet on those days where you may be in trouble with your significant other!

The Be My Love arrangement is available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard for $51
  • Deluxe for $64
  • Premium for $76

A small price to pay for some major brownie points from that special someone. Be My Love is the best way to show someone you are thinking about them.

Teleflora Hugs and Kisses Flowers Review

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If this bouquet embodied a phrase, it would be “I love you”. Teleflora’s Hugs and Kisses bouquet is the perfect gift to show someone in your life that you care.

The arrangement includes Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and red Roses, displayed in a red vase dressed in a pretty red bow. Have a daughter. ora young niece? Surprise her with this for some major brownie points!

Hugs and Kisses is perfect for any occasion, and affordably priced, too. The arrangement is available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard for $38
  • Deluxe for $55
  • Premium for $72

Teleflora Crystal Cross Review

7 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

The Crystal Cross arrangement is a perfect easter surprise with its stunning pure crystal cross and pastel hues.

It features pink Roses, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and Solidago. This Teleflora gift will be cherished at the moment, and the cross can be kept for the years to come.

This is one of the few Teleflora arrangements that have a one-sided orientation. So for this arrangement, location is key to showing off its beauty.

One customer review reads “I thought the selection was very tasteful. The addition of the glass cross as a keepsake sold me on the arrangement.”

The Crystal Cross arrangement is available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard for $64
  • Deluxe for $72
  • Premium for $81

Teleflora Pretty Please Flowers Review

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Want to make someone’s day? This bright bunch of Pretty Please fresh-cut flowers might be a good place to start.

The mix includes a colorful selection of Roses, Daisies, Chrysanthemums, Asters, and Limonium. This one is paired with a versatile clear vase and a silk purple bow.

Looking for a Teleflora birthday gift, or perhaps something for Mother’s Day? This Pretty Please bouquet works for all occasions and is available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard for $34
  • Deluxe for $42
  • Premium for $52

Teleflora How Sweet It Is Flowers Review

9 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Next up in this Teleflora Flowers review: the How Sweet It Is bouquet. How sweet would it be to receive this gorgeous bouquet?

This vibrant and full arrangement makes an impact with its stunning color palette and simple vase. Send this to your mom, best friend, or even yourself. No matter who the recipient is, the Roses, Matsumoto asters, and Carnations are bound to please.

One adorable review of this particular bouquet reads “my friend, to whom you delivered the flowers, just called me. She was over the moon about how beautiful the arrangement was! She said she had never seen roses the colors of the ones in the bouquet and that they were gorgeous.”

If you’d like to earn a similar reaction from your loved ones, check out the How Sweet It Is arrangement, available in:

  • Standard for $42
  • Deluxe for $55
  • Premium for $68

Teleflora Arrive in Style Flowers Review

10 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

The Arrive in Style Teleflora bouquet is designed with a stunning palette of white and pale pink.

A mixture of beautiful Roses and Lilies set in a classic ginger vase, this showstopper will add a little bit of elegance and life to any space. Want to let a special lady know that you are thinking of her? This may be the perfect piece for her bedside table!

If you want to go the extra mile, you can add on a box of chocolates. Not that it requires anything extra. The Arrive in Style arrangement is available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard for $47
  • Deluxe for $59
  • Premium for $72

Teleflora Blue Caribbean Flowers Review

11 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Everyone loves that feeling of waking up on vacation, tropical smells lingering. Experience that every day with the Blue Carribean arrangement.

Inspired by the smells and sights of Martinique, St. Martin, this colorful bit of paradise is assembled with Asiatic Lilies, purple Matsumoto Asters, red Miniature Gerberas, yellow Alstroemeria, and red Spray Roses.

Plus, the whole bold bunch is accented with a touch of fresh greenery to complement the ensemble.

Put on your sunglasses and immerse yourself in the paradise of these sweet flowers. Grab Blue Carribean and the complimentary blue glass cube vase at one of 3 price points:

  • Standard for $43
  • Deluxe for $52
  • Premium for $62

Teleflora Divine Peace Flowers Review

12 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Whether you are planning on going to church, or you have lost someone close to you, the Divine Peace arrangement fits the bill.

The set is equipped with a beautiful crystal cross and a mixture of pure white flowers including Roses, Alstroemeria, Carnations, Stock, and Waxflower.

The arrangement is accented with dusty miller and variegated pittosporum.

The Divine Peace arrangement is one of the rare Teleflora pieces that have a one-sided orientation. Feel free to place it on a table (or a mantle) to commemorate, or mourn, the occasion.

The Divine Peace arrangement comes in either:

  • Standard for $62
  • Deluxe for $72
  • Premium for $81

Teleflora Fashionista Blooms Flowers Review

13 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Have someone in your life that is bright, lovely, and a ray of sunshine? The Fashionista Blooms arrangement from Teleflora could be just the thing to show your appreciation for their beautiful self.

This arrangement comes with an array of pink, yellow, and green flowers that represent natural beauty and elegance with an added touch of English charm.

Getting down to business, this bouquet has yellow Carnations, pink Gerberas, yellow and pink Roses, lush green Hydrangea, and green Button Mums.

Plus, as a finishing touch, they are all arranged in a clear concave vase that has been tied with a chartreuse taffeta ribbon and pink raffia. Bring it around to your sister, friend, or even your mom to show your appreciation.

The Fashionista Blooms can be in:

  • Standard for $66
  • Deluxe for $75
  • Premium for $85

Teleflora Cotton Candy Flowers Review

14 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Is there a special little girl in your family? Is her birthday coming up? It may not be a bad idea to bring along the Cotton Candy bouquet to become her favorite family member. This arrangement oozes elegance and serves as a reminder of your appreciation for her. The arrangement comes with delicate pink and white flowers including miniature carnations, roses, and button spray chrysanthemums.

This bouquet is delivered with a spring garden vase wrapped with a pink silk ribbon for an added pop of color. The Cotton Candy flower arrangement comes in either Standard for $42, Deluxe for $52, or Premium for $62.

Teleflora Country Basket Blooms Flowers Review

15 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Whether on a simple hike or at a cottage, there’s no feeling quite like being surrounded by a field of blooming flowers.

Bring that summer fresh experience into your own home with the Country Basket Blooms arrangement that comes with a natural wicker gift basket.

The flowers in this lovely ensemble include mini carnations, snapdragons, Matsumoto Asters, and Alstroemeria, which all give off an aroma of a meadow in summer.

This arrangement is orientated to one side so you will need to place the arrangement where all eyes can see its beauty. The Country Basket Blooms comes in 3 sizes of either:

  • Standard for $57
  • Deluxe for $67
  • Premium for $76

Teleflora Polka Dots and Posies Flowers Review

16 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Know someone who is not afraid to show off their eccentric personality? There must be someone who comes to mind when you see this Polka Dots and Posies arrangement.

Adorned with colorful white, green, and hot pink flowers, this bouquet will always be in the spotlight.

This floral masterpiece is delivered with a light pink glass cube vase and a polka dot pink and white ribbon that is as jolly as the flowers themselves.

With white Daisies and hot pink Roses, this arrangement can help you show your love for those in your life that love to express their cheerful personality.

Get the Polka Dots and Posies arrangement at a:

  • Standard size for $42
  • Deluxe size for $52
  • Premium size for $62

Teleflora Flowers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

17 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Based on the research this Teleflora Flowers review conducted, the feedback seemed to be pretty mixed but still skewed slightly towards the positive side.

Customers are loving the:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Reliability of international orders
  • The keepsakes

The company has a Trustpilot rating of 3.5/ 5 stars out of 9,288 reviews. One Teleflora Flowers review praised the company saying:

“The Best Of The Best. I ordered flowers and a bear from Teleflora across the ocean, and the very next day they delivered them. I’m very happy with the service…The flowers were so beautiful, … thank you Teleflora.”

A few other customers shared similar sentiments, confirming that they had no trouble with international shipping, and were pleased with the speed of delivery. One positive reviewer remembered their favorite Teleflora keepsake vases fondly.

On Influenster, Teleflora has a 3.9/5-star rating out of 1,179 reviews with customers loving the brand’s flower arrangements and reliability:

“Teleflora did an excellent job in the sympathy dish garden that I sent a board member who lost her mother. They were able to send them the same day so her assistant could get the garden to her.”

On the less positive side of things, this Teleflora Flowers review found some complaints of mix-ups and customers receiving incorrect flowers.

One reviewer mentioned, “The “deluxe” red and white rose bouquet I ordered and what arrived were two different flowers. What was received was 3 pink, 3 orange, and 3 yellow wilted roses.”

Another negative review from ConsumerAffairs. com, (where the brand received 1/5 stars from only 94 reviews) shared that their Valentine’s Day plans were derailed because the arrangement did not arrive on time.

“$80 total for flowers, balloon and candy. No flowers were ever delivered. No email or call notifying me there was a delay or even an issue with the delivery.”

However, negative reviews like these are few and far between, so they do not accurately reflect the consistency of Teleflora’s floral delivery service as a whole.

Are Teleflora Flowers Worth It?

18 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Based on the price alone, Teleflora is worth it. Local florists and customers alike can benefit from the business that this brand generates.

With many options to choose from that are high-quality, well-thought-out, and perfect for many occasions, the brand adds the icing on the cake by providing vases and containers that you can use again and again.

The added benefit of same-day delivery (when your order is placed before 3 pm), your last-minute occasions are also covered, too. We recommend this function for when you may have drunk the last of the milk and someone is not pleased about it at home!

But taking some of the negative reviews into account might cause some worry.

Some reviews of the brand claim that they are concerned that their arrangement did not arrive on time. As with any floral company, sometimes there will be orders that do not make it on time. But, Teleflora does issue full refunds within 2-10 days of delivery.

To ensure you get a quality arrangement, you can check out Teleflora’s FindAFlorist function. From there you can search local florists in your area that are partnered with Teleflora. Perhaps there’s a florist on there whom you are already familiar with.

You can check out their portfolios individually to vet their work, read their reviews, and see if you like the flair they bring to bouquets. Their Instagram is fully stocked for inspiration! That will give you a little more confidence when ordering with Teleflora.

But, with all of the negative and positive reviews taken into account, this Teleflora review still thinks that this brand is worth the buy.

Teleflora Flowers Promotions & Discounts

19 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Are you looking for a Teleflora promo code? Simply enter ‘MARCH15’ at checkout to receive 15% off your order. You can also join their newsletter mailing list to be alerted of future promotions and discounts.

Where to Buy Teleflora Flowers

20 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

You can find all these arrangements on, or on partnering florists sites.


21 Teleflora-Flowers-Review

Is Teleflora reliable?

As previously mentioned in this Teleflora flowers review, the majority of customers who ordered from this brand had no unresolved issues with delivery.

Does Teleflora use local florists?

Yes, Teleflora works with local florists. Your order will be assigned to a florist near you.

Does Teleflora deliver to Canada?

Yes. Teleflora delivers within the U.S. and Canada, and will also ship internationally for an additional fee of $15 (on top of the regular $16 service fee).

What is Teleflora service fee?

Teleflora’s service fee is required to cover the cost of placing your order with a local florist. A service fee of $16 applies to all orders.

How do I cancel my Teleflora membership?

You can cancel or make changes to your membership by accessing “membership settings” under your Teleflora login.

How long does Teleflora take to deliver?

Same-day shipping is available for an additional fee of $2 if you place your order before 3 PM. You can also log in to your account to check your Teleflora order status.

What is Teleflora Flowers’s Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with your order, simply contact Teleflora customer service and they will assess your situation. If a return is granted, you can expect to see a full refund in your account within 2-10 days of initiation.

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