Manly Bands Rings Review

About Manly Bands Rings

Manly Bands is a jewelry line that specializes in wedding bands and rings for men. They carry a wide range of different styles (220+ in-stock to be exact!), but they also take custom orders if you have an idea in mind that you’d like to bring to life.

The company was featured in Forbes and has over 88.1k+ followers on Instagram, a number that is only growing. Although the line specializes in rings for men, they also offer couples ring sets. So regardless of how you identify, there is a ring for you!

The brand is also a 2-time winner of the Couple’s Choice Award run by WeddingWire, with over 95% of customers who purchase Manly Bands recommending the brand to soon-to-be weds.

This Manly Bands rings review will take an in-depth look at the brand’s values, best-selling products, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their rings stand up to the promise.

Overview of Manly Bands Rings

Manly Bands was founded in Utah in 2016 by Michelle Luchese and Johnathan Ruggiero when they were struggling to find the perfect wedding ring for John. Many of the rings they found were conventional, customary, and didn’t have any unique qualities.

After landing on one, she found out that having to make alterations to fit her fiance’s fingers was an entirely new (and expensive) obstacle.

Determined to save others from having the same wedding band shopping experience, the couple launched Manly Bands as a way to bring back, “reverence, class, and love for all men and women in [the] process”.

Though unassuming at first, many Manly Band rings are made with Antlers, Meteorites, Silicone, and even Dinosaur Bone to name a few. Talk about unique wedding rings that are anything but conventional!

Though many of the rings featured on Manly Bands’ website are for men, the brand’s sister company, Rosie Ray, carries bands for women. Who says only men can get unique and specially-made engagement and wedding rings?

Above all, Manly Bands is always tinkering with new metal options, trying to create bands that are durable and extraordinary, but also affordable. Weddings are a splurge as it is! Note that all products are made in Lehi, Utah, and Canada.

Next up in this Manly Bands rings review, let’s go through the pros and cons of the jewelry line.


  • Over 200 styles of wedding and engagement rings, but custom orders also available
  • Engraving option offered on select rings and sizes
  • Manly Bands wooden rings are a great alternative for people with nickel allergies
  • You can find your size with their Ring Sizer or the Manly Bander app to ensure the band will fit before you purchase it
  • Financing option offered through their partner, Bread
  • Offers international shipping
  • Fast shipping
  • 30-day return/ exchange policy
  • Free warranty on select rings


  • Some Manly Bands reviewers believe the price is too high
  • A few negative comments about quality

Now we’ve arrived at the fun part. This Manly Bands rings review will take a look at the brand’s most popular and eye-catching ring designs, crafted from materials like Gold, Tungsten, Titanium, and more.

So whether your man would love something subtle or prefer full-on bling, there are wedding bands for nearly every taste.

Manly Bands Rings Review

Are you tired of looking at wedding bands and seeing no unique qualities? Your wedding should represent your personality and deserves better than the same traditional, conventional wedding bands.

This Manly Bands review will now take you through some of the brand’s most unique and well-loved rings. Be advised that many of these rungs can be bought with installment payment plans with Bread.

Manly Bands The Cowboy Ring Review

Buckle up for The Cowboy! This Black Plated Tungsten wedding band oozes a strong western vibe with its dark Koa Wood inlay and domed design.

The band is 8mm wide, and with its comfortable fit and glossy finish, you never have to worry about calluses.

A proud customer shared on Manly Bands’ website, “Husband says the fit is very comfortable. I love the rich colors in the Koa Wood, they’re vibrant and catch the light in a way that brings out the different shades. Very sexy against the black band!”

The Cowboy is priced at $275. Looking at the ring almost makes this Manly Bands review want to pour a glass of malt whiskey.

Manly Bands The Baller Ring Review

The Baller is another classic wedding band. This one’s for the guy (or lady!) who loves a sleek design and appreciates minimalistic nuances.

This black band is constructed from Black Plated Tungsten that has a rugged, and yet elegant, look. It’s 8mm wide and designed for a comfortable fit and is sure to provide an air of power and confidence.

Priced at $275, this is one of Manly Bands mens wedding rings that you should definitely keep on your radar.

Manly Bands The Rockstar Ring Review

Your man will be in his dream (wedding) band with The Rockstar.

Made of Tungsten with a cool brushed finish exterior and black plating on the inside, this ring is one of the more traditional-looking wedding bands the brand has, but still looks pretty cool. Don’t forget you can always get it engraved with a special message.

The Rockstar is available in widths of:

  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm

For the 4mm or 6mm sizes, it is recommended that you go down half a size, whereas the 8mm should fit true to size.

Priced at $275, this domed, glossy ring is sure to win you the affection of a crowd. To complete the look, pick up an electric guitar and show off that ring a little.

Manly Bands The Armstrong Ring Review

If your significant other is drawn to all things space-related, The Armstrong might pique your interest. It’s a Titanium band with a unique inlay made with genuine Gibeon Meteorite, complete with polished edges and a matte finish.

Though it looks simple on the surface, this wedding band is full of mystery and beauty and is a definite conversation starter.

This Manly Bands meteorite ring comes with a free lifetime limited warranty, which means that you are eligible for free repairs, buffing, and resealing of the meteorite.

This 8mm ring is a little pricier than the other Manly Bands wedding bands for men, coming in at $1550.

Manly Bands The Hunter Ring Review

The Hunter, now this is a wedding band you won’t come across every day. This Titanium ring has a Koa Wood and Deer Antler inlays.

This Manly Bands review would like to note that because the antler is authentic, there will be color variation. You can choose between color options of:

  • Light
  • Medium/mixed
  • Dark

This 8mm band is lightweight and designed for comfort so your man won’t feel weighed down when he’s out in the woods.

One Manly Bands rings review said, “I purchased the Hunter Band since I love to hunt and wanted a ring that would look good and not get in the way. The Hunter is both those, it’s a beautiful ring and is of excellent quality, you hardly notice it is there.”

Perfect for both hunting season and wedding season, this band costs $325 and fits true to size.

Manly Bands The Aspen Ring Review

The Aspen band is crafted from Damascus Stainless Steel with a deer antler inlay. Like all of Manly Bands antler rings, there may be a variation in color.

You can choose between light, medium/mixed, or dark color options and the width of this Manly Bands Damascus steel ring is 8mm. Its dome design is also made to fit comfortably and is true to size.

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, this gorgeous ring could be the one for you. The Aspen is currently priced at $165.

Manly Bands The Best Man Ring Review

The Best Man is like the sneaker of wedding bands. Feeling like getting active, working out, going swimming, or rock climbing? Spare your more delicate rings the damage and slide this baby on instead.

How is it so versatile? It’s practically weightless. Like all Manly Bands Silicone rings for men, this ring will never get in the way of your rugged adventures or cause you calluses.

What’s more, this ring comes in 7 different colors for optimal personalization, so you can get colorful as you want with your “best man” suit and not worry about the ring matching.

Note that this band is 8mm in width, fits true to size, and comes with a one-year warranty.

The Best Man is a unique ring that manages to look formal but acts rugged. Grab this ring for only $30.

Manly Bands The Lord Ring Review

Manly Bands review

The Lord is a real showstopper, made from Black Zirconium with a 14k Rose Gold Inlay. Talk about a unique and sexy ring!

The contrast between materials is eye-catching and gives this one a sophisticated look. The 6mm wide band is designed for a comfortable fit and is eligible for a limited lifetime warranty in case you do have issues with it.

The ring’s polished finish and beveled design make it an ideal match for a bride’s rose gold set.

The Lord band is currently being sold for $1550.

Manly Bands The Gentleman Ring Review

Manly Bands review

Last but not least, The Gentleman is made of Tungsten and 18k Rose Gold Plating and is meant to be a spin on a traditional band style.

Classy and modern, but with a little extra sparkle, this ring features stepped and beveled edges with a brushed center for an eye-catching look that is both elegant and tough.

This one’s for the stand-up guy in your life, or a woman that wants their ring to represent their strong and chic side. When it comes to the width it’s available in 6mm (order a half size down) or 8mm (order standard size).

One Manly Bands rings review reads “The wedding band is sturdy, elegant, and manly. The gunmetal tungsten and rose gold go great together and look amazing with my wife’s rose gold engagement ring and wedding band.”

The Gentleman is one of the most popular Manly Bands tungsten rings for men. It sells for $325.

Manly Bands Rings Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Manly Bands review

This Manly Bands review consulted online, reputable sources to get a clear sense of how the brand’s rings are performing before and after wedding days. We collected a number of reviews from the brand’s official website, WeddingWire, The Knot, and Reddit.

All in all, customers who have purchased from Manly Bands seem to be thoroughly pleased with the high quality and unconventional designs of the products.

Manly Bands reviews particularly rave about the customer service experience. Believe it or not, the brand received only 14 reviews under 5 stars on their entire website out of 585 reviews total.

So in order words, they received 5/5 stars from 97% of their customers!

One Manly Bands rings review from the official brand website reads:

“We love Manly Bands. It was delivered so quickly, and the ring is perfect. … Manly bands offered a military discount … and they were so easy to work with when we needed to exchange to a different size. I would recommend them to everyone.”

Manly Bands was also reviewed by WeddingWire and topped out with a 4.7/5 star average out of 107 reviews for their:

  • Quality of service
  • Professionalism
  • Value
  • Average response time
  • Flexibility

As said before, the brand also won the WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award in 2018 and 2021.

One 5/5 star reviewer commented that:

“I got my fiance’s ring from Manly Bands because we were not having good luck at a major jewelry store. There are so many different options to choose from and the ring arrived very quickly. We got the ring engraved and my fiance is obsessed with it!”

Reddit users also have a love for the brand with many supporting the Tungsten rings in particular. Although, one customer brought up one note that all potential Manly Band buyers should know before purchasing:

“My husband has been wearing his Tungsteen ring from manly bands for a year now and he loves it, … He liked being able to pick something out that was his own style! Just don’t forget to measure for ring size! The rings are so thick that we had to go a half size up”

But don’t drink the champagne too fast. A lot of people mentioned that they believed the rings were overpriced for what they are. One Manly Bands rings review criticized the Manly Bands mens tungsten wedding bands, saying:

“My [future husband] got one of those same tungsten carbide rings on that website off of amazon for $20. They’re just reselling Chinese made rings with their logo slapped on at a higher price.”

Along with the 3.2/5 star average out of 24 reviews on The Knot, there were a few brow-raising comments that proved that Manly Bands still needs to iron out a few kinks.

Many customers have complained about the rings not being authentic and some experiences with customer service have been rough:

“We sent a ring back for a re-size only to have them sit on the order for 3 weeks. Despite multiple calls/emails from my end to track down the status of the order, Manly Bands was not responsive in time which resulted in us not receiving the band in time for our wedding.”

Is Manly Bands Worth It?

Manly Bands review

So, is Manly Bands legit? We believe that they absolutely are.

Based on the research, this Manly Bands rings review would say that the jewelry is worth the money since the rings aren’t too pricey compared to other options on the market, and their designs are breaking the mold in the wedding industry.

Their priorities center around sizing and design. Based on the reviews, many people found that their bands fit comfortably and many love the unique designs that they haven’t seen anywhere else.

Even though they’re an online retailer, the Ring Sizer or Manly Bander App are designed to reduce the number of times a buyer ends up with a ring that doesn’t fit.

Another thing that adds to the value is the incredible customer service experience which received thousands of positive reviews on multiple sites. For those planning their wedding on a time limit, this is a valuable asset to have.

Though they need to address concerns from customers questioning the credibility of their materials and some customer service issues, complaints of that nature are quite common in the jewelry industry, and shouldn’t deter you from the brand.

All in all, we deem that Manly Bands mens rings are a wonderful option to look into when you’re getting married (or to wear for fun).

Manly Bands Promotions & Discounts

Manly Bands review

Are you looking for a Manly Bands discount code? Here are two ways to save 20% on your first purchase:

  • Subscribe to their newsletter
  • Use the coupon code ‘SAVE20’

There are currently no other promotions available at this time. If you’ve got your eye on a wedding band, check their website frequently for new sales and discounted items.

Where to Buy Manly Bands

Manly Bands review

As Manly Bands is an online retailer, you can only purchase their wedding bands online at You can email the brand for further information on customizing rings or financing options.


Where are Manly Bands made?

Manly Bands rings are made in Utah, Lehi, and Canada.

Can Manly Bands be resized?

They cannot be resized, but right after purchase, you will be sent a Manly Bands Ring Sizer. So in the off chance that your ring doesn’t fit, you can quickly and easily send it back for a new one.

Are Manly Bands waterproof?

The rings are water-resistant, but not fully waterproof. It’s not recommended to swim while you’re wearing them.

Where does Manly Bands ship from?

Manly Bands wedding bands can ship from one of three locations:

  • Lehi
  • Utah
  • Canada

What is Manly Bands’ Shipping Policy?

Manly Bands offers USPS First Class shipping (5-10 business days) for free. They also offer 2-day, standard overnight, and priority overnight options at extra cost. Orders usually take between 1-2 days to process.

What is the Manly Bands Return Policy?

All rings are eligible for returns within a 30-day return window, aside from the silicone rings. There is a $30 restocking fee that applies to returns, but not exchanges.

How to Contact Manly Bands

If you have any questions beyond this Manly Bands rings review, you can contact the team through:

Telephone: (877)-250-9500

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