See’s Candies Chocolate Review

Occasionally, mum will come home with food, snacks, or chocolates from friends or friend’s friend and it’s always an exciting night for us whenever that happens. Last night, mum brought back a white rectangular box of chocolates from SEE’S CANDIES, which I’ve not heard before. To be honest, I wasn’t really that interested in it at first because I’m not a fan of assorted chocolates. I prefer eating off a bar. But still, I opened it and had a look anyway.


OH MY GOD. That was the exact words that came out of my mouth when I opened the box. If the chocolates in there don’t makes you drool, you’re weird. I immediately dropped that ego of mine and tried some! Choosing the first piece to try was harder than I thought. I’ve never did a chocolate review before and this really is something that I even have to blog about it!


1) Milk California Brittle

(Buttery brittle with California almonds covered in smooth milk chocolate)

– Brittle is basically a type of sweet that consists of flat broken pieces of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts. It was my first time trying a brittle and this one tasted like sea salt chocolate and has the hard honeycomb texture. This is easily my favourite out of all the ones I tried

2) Dark Nougat

(Chewy nougat with honey, vanilla and roasted almonds covered in dark chocolate)

– This one has nothing much to shout about as I don’t really like my chocolate nougats. I prefer melting chocolates in my mouth and not having the need to keep chewing it, unless it’s caramel.

3) Walnut Square

(Walnuts held together with buttery caramel and dipped half way in dark chocolate)

– You can never go wrong with caramel. This is my favourite too though I wished it’s fully dipped in caramel…

4) Scotchmallow

(A layer of caramel with a layer of honey marshmallow covered in dark chocolate)

– I found out that I don’t like having marshmallows in my chocolates.

5) MayFair

(Creamy soft center with walnuts, cherries and vanilla covered in milk chocolate)

– I have a sweet tooth but I like my chocolates to be rich, dark and just pack with cocoa. I’m never a fan of fruity chocolates as I find them making the whole taste, artificial and not chocolate-y anymore? Don’t hate me! This has got to be my least favourite one. The combination of cherries and vanilla is just too much for me.

6) Milk Chocolate Butter

(Creamy soft center with chocolate liquor and butter covered in milk chocolate)

– SWEET. It is really sweet. Too sweet for me but I ate it anyways.

7) Caramel

(Buttery brown sugar caramel with a touch of maple sugar and almonds enrobed in milk chocolate)

Caramel, the only thing that I don’t mind chewing. You also get bits of almonds to add some textural crunch to that chewy bite.

8) Divinity (if I’m not wrong)

(White chocolate center with walnuts covered in milk chocolate)

– This is another piece that is worth that calorie. A good size of chocolate too I must say.

9) Marzipan

(Almond paste with honey and powdered sugar covered in dark chocolate)

– I only ate half of that small piece on the table in the right picture. I don’t like the taste of almond paste.

10) Milk Almond

(Roasted almonds covered in milk chocolate)

11) Vanilla Nut Cream

(Creamy soft center with vanilla and walnuts covered in milk chocolate)

– You really do get a lot of walnuts in this tiny piece of chocolate!

12) Milk Molasses Chip

(Crispy molasses honeycomb wafer coated in milk chocolate)

– I’m always down for a honeycomb wafer chocolate. My favourite.

13) Dark Pattie (it’s a chocolate pattie//get it?haha)

(Rich chocolate caramel with a touch of vanilla covered in dark chocolate)

– I feel like this is as though it’s made for me. Rich and pack with flavour. The size of it is also just nice and will not make you feel surfeit.

14) Milk Butter Chew

(Buttery brown sugar caramel covered in milk chocolate)

– This one really does live up to it’s name. My mouth hurts from chewing but I really loved it! The ratio of the chocolate to the caramel is just nice though I think some may find the caramel a bit too much.

15) Milk Bordeaux

(Creamy brown sugar soft center covered in milk chocolate, topped with shredded chocolate)

16) Butterscotch Square

(Soft center of grained brown sugar and cream with a touch of vanilla covered in milk chocolate)

– Another piece that is worth the calorie. You can never go wrong with butterscotch!

I also tried the Mocha one and also the Dark Cocoanut, which is definitely not for me as I don’t like coconut chocolates. As mentioned, some are for me and some are just not my type of chocolates and they really do have a great selection and there’s something for everyone.

To conclude, I think I just went to chocolate heaven? I never used to like nuts in my chocolates but after all the nutty chocoaltes that I had, I now love having that textural crunch in my chocolates! Sadly, See’s Candies is not here in Malaysia but they do have it in Singapore! So anyone that is reading this and have it in your country, send over some please! HMU! Thanks in advance hahaha

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