Think Good Sam Club is Worthless? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

Good Sam Club is one of the largest RV clubs in the United States. It has a membership of around 1.8 million RVers and it’s really easy to see why with all the benefits you receive. But, is Good Sam Club the right membership for you?

Good Sam Club Membership Review

Overall, we think Good Sam Club is a great membership for any RVer. It doesn’t matter your travel-style or RV type.

The benefits won’t save you as much on nightly rates (like 50% discount available from Passport America), but they are available more frequently at more campgrounds.

We like to think of the Good Sam Club as the AAA discount of the RV world. It provides a smaller discount at many more locations than other clubs.

Discounts are not the only benefits though, check out below for all the benefits of this RV club membership.


The club was founded in 1966 by Art Rouse. Rouse was the publisher of the Trailer Life and MotorHome magazine at the time. He expanded the club with his two sons increasing the member benefits and discounts.

In 1988, Good Sam Club merged with Affinity Group Inc., since renamed Good Sam Enterprises. Good Sam Enterprises also owns Camping World, Coast to Coast, and other recreational vehicle-related companies.

Good Sam Club gets its name from good samaritan.


Good Sam Club is managed in a hierarchy of a large national chapter at the top, one or two regional chapters in each state, and lots of local chapters. It currently has 1,200 local chapters across North America.

The different chapters cover 49 states and 7 providences in Canada.


There is not one specific demographic that dominates the Good Sam Club.

The benefits apply to all RV travelers regardless of type or RV or travel style.

Abundant Benefits and Discounts

Good Sam Club offers a lot of benefits and so they are sometimes easily overlooked. Make sure to review the benefits so that you don’t forget to use your membership when it could save you money.

Good Sam Club
1. Camping Discounts

There are a whopping 2,400+ Good Sam RV Parks & Campgrounds in the U.S. & Canada that accept the Good Sam Club discount. While the discount only saves 10% off a regular nightly RV site rate, that can easily add up over the year.

If you only camp 8 nights a year in club campgrounds at $50 a night, this RV club will provide you with $40 a year in savings only on campground fees.

While Passport America and Thousand Trails allow you to get better camping discounts, they do not have as wide availability as Good Sam Club.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

Here is a complete list of all the RV Parks and Campgrounds that accept the Good Sam Club discount.

While the directory is nice, we recommend using an travel planning app like RV Trip Wizard or Allstays Pro which will allow you to filter on club campgrounds for easier navigation and planning.

2. Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors Discount

Since they are owned by the same company, your Good Sam Club will get you a 10% discount at all Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoor stores.

This is great when you need something RV specific out on the road (like an extension cord for you RV power cord) or even just for some really great RV themed decorations.

If you are anything like us and spend up to $100 a year in RV accessories like water filters, water hoses, and other accessories, that’s a savings of at least $10 / year.

Not near one of the stores? The club also gets you free shipping on online orders over $49. We love to browse for new and cool RV accessories.

Good Sam Club

3. Fuel Savings

The discounts don’t end with campgrounds and RV accessories. You can save 5¢ off gas & 8¢ off diesel instantly at Pilot and Flying J truck stops.

Once again, while not amazing discounts, you will save $2.40 every time you fill up 30 gallons of Diesel. With our travel style, that’s roughly $62.40 a year just in fuel savings.

We still prefer to fill up at Loves truck stops though since our TSD Logistics fuel card grants us a great discount. We recently just got 50% off the listed fuel price!

Good Sam Club

4. Propane Discount

This is yet another useful discount. Save 15% on propane fills at any Camping World or Gander RV & Outdoor store.

While we normally fill our propane tanks at Tractor Supply or Costco for a lower cost per gallon, we enjoy the discount the 2 – 3 times a year when we will up at Camping World.

Good Sam Club

As a club member, you are granted free dump privileges at Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoor stores.

While there are plenty of other free dump stations available, it is still nice to save another $10 – $20 a year when we are not near one and would need to pay.

6. Advocacy

Advocacy is one of the benefits that you don’t really see but definitely feel. As part of your membership fees, the club fights for your rights to RV.

Good Sam offered the first legislature in 1974 to help fight anti-RV parking ordinances.

The Good Sam Club has continued to lobby local, state, and national legislatures and influence legislation on RV issues ranging from parking rights to outdoor recreation on public lands.

Good Sam Membership Cost

The Good Sam Club membership costs $29 for 1 year.

A 2 year Good Sam Club membership costs $50 (savings of $8) and you get a $15 merchandise certificate to Camping World or Gander Outdoor & RV.

If you purchase a 3 year membership, the price is $79 (savings of $8) but you get a $30 membership gift certificate.

Other Good Sam Offerings

Good Sam also offers some other important services to RVers. Check them out below to see if they would fit with your travel style.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

The Good Sam Roadside Assistance program is a great offering. It offers unlimited towing to the nearest service center, covers your spouse and children, provides coverage across all North America, and has a specialized RV-specific dispatch network.

Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan

The Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is like a mini warranty program. It provides free flat tire repairs, tire replacement coverage if they can’t be fixed, wheel damage replacement, and free mounting and balancing.

Good Sam TravelAssist

Good Sam TravelAssist provides you with a little bit of peace of mind while out on the road. It provides emergency medical transportation for you in case of an accident. It also provides transportation for your RV and pet during an emergency and other helpful medical services.

Good Sam Extended Service Plan

The Good Sam Extended Service Plan is an extended warranty for your RV or car. It provides you with peace of mind that you will not get stuck with a huge repair bill if something large breaks in your RV.

If you are looking for an Extended Service Plan, we recommend you check out Wholesale Warranties. We have previously interviewed the owner, they have a great reputation, and are well-liked in the RV industry.

Good Sam Insurance Agency

The Good Sam Insurance Agency provides both Auto, Health, and Life Insurance to RVers. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is made up of a network of the nation’s top-rated insurance companies to get you the best deals.

Good Sam RV Loans are available to both new and used RV shoppers. They also have refinancing available to those who received high-interest rates or want to extend the loan over a longer term for a cheaper monthly rate.

Summary: Is it Worth it?

This membership is absolutely worth it. The low cost of $29 / year mixed with the abundant discounts allow you to easily save more each year than the membership annual fee.

We save on average $127.40 a year from club discounts which put us at a net savings of $98.40 a year.


What are Good Sam Club benefits?

Good Sam Club benefits come mostly in the form of discounts on campground fees, fuel, RV accessories, propane, and dump fees.

What is a Good Sam Club member?

A Good Sam Club member is someone who has joined the Good Sam Club. Members can meet other like-minded individuals at local chapter camping meet-ups.

Is Good Sam Club worth it?

Yes. The low cost of membership and the abundant discounts mean that you will almost always save more than the membership costs.

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