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The Parfümerie Douglas is a universally working perfumery chain. Its base camp are situated in Düsseldorf, Germany. Parfümerie Douglas was essential for the Douglas Holding, however since 1 June 2015, 85 percent have a place with the monetary financial backer CVC Capital Partners and 15 percent to the Kreke family. The principal perfumery to convey the name “Parfümerie Douglas” opened in Hamburg in 1910. With north of 2,000 stores in Europe and turnover of 3.1 billion Euros (financial year 2020/21) Douglas is the market chief in Europe.

The name of the organization can be followed back to the Scottish cleanser producer John Sharp Douglas. He came from a little town close to Glasgow and on 5 January 1821, he established a cleanser processing plant in Hamburg’s stockroom locale. The plant was before long included to the “Cheeseburger Address Book” as “J.S. Douglas, Engl. Cleanser plant, Kehrweider, Herbst Hof”. On 5 November 1828, Hamburg allowed John Sharp Douglas citizenship as number 663 of the Civil Protocol. After two years, on 23 July 1830, Douglas wedded the mother of his six kids, Johanna Catharina Francisca Becker.

Douglas’ cleanser items, for example, the Coconut Oil Soda Soap created in 1830 and the Chinese Heavenly Soap brought around 1840 immediately transformed into progress. On account of present day fabricating processes, Douglas profited from more noteworthy creation productivity. Cleanser turned into a significantly more reasonable item to a more extensive scope of people in general and washing turned into something ordinary to do.


Douglas passed on in 1847 and his children Thomas and Alexander assumed control over the business under the name “J.S. Douglas Sons”. In 1851, they introduced their cleanser items at the principal World Fair in London, where the “Chinese Heavenly Soap” was regarded with a decoration. Around the same time, the siblings fostered their “Egyptian Toilette Soap”.

In September 1878, Thomas and Alexander Douglas isolated as colleagues and offered the organization to traders Gustav Adolph Heinrich Runge and Johan Adolph Kolbe. The new proprietors stayed with the’s name “J.S. Douglas Sons” and extended the collection to cowhide merchandise, travel utensils and design things, which they called “Dream Products”. In 1888, Gustav Adolph Kolbe assumed control over the place of his departed dad, Johann Adolph, and after two years turned into the sole proprietor of the organization. As a substitute in 1909, he gave liability of the cleanser production line to his significant other Berta.

The main Douglas Perfumeries


Berta Kolbe was the principal lady to assume control over the administration of J.S Douglas Sons. She got a business offer from Anna and Maria Carstens: the sisters needed to open their own perfumery under the laid out name of “Douglas” to “lay out and work a business in cleansers, perfumery items, and toiletries in Hamburg.” And in this way, on 24 May 1910, the first “Parfümerie Douglas” opened on Hamburg’s shopping road Neuer Wall, and even exists today.

In 1929, the Carsten sisters gave the business to their goddaughters Hertha and Lucie and their dad, German craftsman Johannes Harders. Starting around 1931, the organization was designated “Parfümerie Douglas Harders and Co.” and subsequently, mirrored the new possession structure. In 1936, the family recruited Erhard Hunger to maintain the business. He decreased the cleanser business and extended the variety to premium brand items like Elizabeth Arden. By 1969, Erhard Hunger had extended Douglas to six stores in Hamburg.


From perfumery to enterprise

In 1969, the six Douglas perfumeries were taken over by the then recorded Hussel AG. Under the administration of Hussel’s CEO at that point, John Kreke, Hussel AG energized the development of the perfumery through additional takeovers and store openings. These were at first united under the name Hanhausen-Douglas GmbH. Throughout this turn of events, Hussel AG was rebuilt into a holding bunch with two working organizations: one for candy store and one for perfumeries. In 1973, Hanhausen-Douglas assumed control over the Austrian chain Ruttner. Starting around 1976, all perfumery stores ultimately worked under the name “Parfümerie Douglas” and the related organization under the name “Parfümerie Douglas GmbH”.

Development in Europe

During the 1980s, the Parfümerie Douglas GmbH extended to the Netherlands, France, Italy and the United States. Furthermore, Douglas kept on extending in Germany, for instance through the procurement of “trama center and Sie” perfumeries. In view of this advancement in the perfumery business, an authoritative rebuilding occurred that finished in 1989 with the establishing of the Douglas Holding AG to supplant the Hussel Holding AG.


After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Douglas opened stores in eastern Germany in the 90’s and ventured into Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Starting from the beginning of the new thousand years, Douglas has extended to Poland, Hungary, Monaco, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Denmark and Croatia.[10] Next to fixed retail, Douglas has likewise been selling its items by means of its own web-based shop starting around 2000.

At the yearly regular gathering in June 2001, Dr. Jörn Kreke gave over the chairmanship of the Douglas Holding to his child Dr. Henning Kreke following 32 years in the top position.

Due to a limited extent to the financial emergency and a low piece of the pie, the organization pulled out from Slovakia, Estonia and Denmark in 2009/10 as well as from the American market.

Takeover by monetary financial backer

In 2012, the Kreke family, along with the confidential value financial backer Advent International, made a public takeover proposition to the leftover investors of the recorded parent organization of the Douglas Group, Douglas Holding AG, which around then likewise incorporated the organizations Thalia, Christ, AppelrathCüpper and Hussel.[13] After the effective takeover in 2013, Douglas de-recorded from the Frankfurt stock exchange.This undeniable the start of the combination’s reorientation, which returned to being simply a perfumery chain in 2014.


From that point forward, Douglas kept on developing universally and gained the French perfumery chain Nocibé.[15]

Change of proprietorship and vital realignment

From the outset, a reestablished securities exchange send off for the Parfümerie Douglas Deutschland was anticipated 2015.[16] However, on 1 June 2015, 85 percent of the organization was offered to monetary financial backer CVC Capital Partners with the Kreke family actually holding a minority portion of 15%.

Then, director Isabelle Parize took over as CEO of Douglas in February 2016 and the base camp was moved in October from Hagen to Düsseldorf. As per Douglas, the organization needed all client arranged offices and the web-based exercises from Cologne to be packed in one spot. Around the same time, the organization pulled out from Turkey because of a little portion of the overall industry.


In July 2017, Douglas finished an exchange to obtain the Spanish perfumery chain Bodybell. In November, the organization likewise finished exchanges to secure the Spanish chain Perfumerías If and the Italian perfumery chains Limoni and La Gardenia.

In November 2017, Tina Müller took over as the Group CEO of Douglas.

Douglas, the biggest European scent and beauty care products retailer will likewise be available. Cluj Napoca. Holding more than 1200 shops in 23 European nations, Douglas perfumeries welcome you to partake in a one of a kind encounter, highlighting exceptional administrations, the best quality scope of items, an animating shopping environment and furthermore prepared and cordial representatives.

A wide and enhanced scope of items


Whether it is curiosities, traditional aromas, individual consideration items, cosmetics, individual consideration extras, embellishing beauty care products or gift thoughts, at Douglas any wish can become reality. The Douglas shop portfolio incorporates more than 120 brands, painstakingly picked and continually broadened.

Specific exhortation and quality administrations

Douglas workers are continually in the know regarding oddities and patterns in the field and are accessible for clients with data and expert counsel, so they can pick the right item and they can cause clients to feel great.

Douglas offers its sans clients cosmetics and conclusion meetings for the skin, as well as a gift wrapping administration.

Neighborly areas, roomy and agreeable shops

Situated in painstakingly chosen retail outlets, Douglas shops are imagined to get and amuse the attention beginning from the entry, by their liberal opening, straightforward and alluring exhibits. Here you’ll positively find the items you’re keen on – scent, individual consideration and excellence, cosmetics and embellishments.

Some Offer Products On Douglas

1.Life is beautiful Eau de Parfum Spray


La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum is a symbol of unrestricted freedom, happiness and joy. The unique water bottle reflects a sincere, feminine smile. A delicate ribbon on the neck emphasizes charm and femininity. The scent opens with notes of ripe pear and juicy black currant. In the heart of the fragrance, between jasmine and orange blossom, a hero blooms – a mystical, gentle and elegant iris. In the base, the notes of tonka bean and patchouli are delicately noticeable, while the notes of sweet vanilla and praline melting in the mouth are very distinct. La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum from Lancôme in an elegant package is a perfect Christmas gift for someone special.

2.IdôleEau de Parfum Spray


Nothing will ever be the same again. Discover the fragrance of the future. Meet the newest Idôle fragrance from Lancôme, designed for strong, independent women, true pioneers. Idôle Eau de Parfum breaks the patterns and previously established fragrance codes, giving them a new dimension. The basis of this fragrance is the noblest and most characteristic ingredient – a rose. In order to obtain unforgettable and strong chords, it was necessary to use four types of roses, three types of extractions and as many as two geographical origins. They are accompanied by the jasmine flower, which is one of the most pristine and delicate flowers. In Idola, jasmine absolute oil accompanies the heart of the roses, revealing a creamy, clean, intense softness. The whole is completed with white chypre and musk, bringing a refined, long-lasting fragrance. This unique fragrance has been prepared by women with women in mind. Its thinnest bottle in the world proves that nothing is impossible. Slim but strong, delicate but durable. A dynamic and clean silhouette that is like a window to the world. Be your own idol. – New fragrance by Lancôme – An intriguing chypre fragrance with rose and jasmine – Option to purchase a bottle case



CHANEL imaginatively places your gifts in the spotlight and has designed a special limited-edition case for them. Exclusively for your fragrances in 50 ml and 100 ml. *

An ode to human freedom in an aromatic, woody, fascinating fragrance. A bottle of impenetrable blue hides this timeless, non-conformist composition. Eau de Parfum exudes the masculine character of BLEU DE CHANEL with a more radical fragrance signature for a particularly expressive expression of your own character.
BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Parfum, an aromatic, woody fragrance with notes of amber and musk.
The acrid notes of cedar give this interpretation a warm sensuality, while musky wood notes and New Caledonia sandalwood add elegance and depth.

4.CHANEL Perfume


CHANEL imaginatively places your gifts in the spotlight and has designed a special limited-edition case for them. Exclusively for your fragrances in 50 ml and 100 ml. *
N ° 5, the essence of femininity.
A powdery bouquet of flowers, elegantly presented in the iconic bottle with minimalist lines. Legendary, timeless perfumes.

Eau de Parfum is an interpretation of a perfume with the same unique floral-aldehyde signature.
Hesperidia notes enliven the top note of this floral bouquet that is intertwined with May Rose and Jasmine. Aldehydes give it a unique presence, and the precious warmth of vanilla give it an infinitely sensual base note.

5.Light BlueEau de Toilette Spray


Product Feature No microplastics, no silicones, no palm oil, no paraffin, no parabens, no preservatives, no sulfates, no oily substances, no comedogenic substances, vegan, gluten free, Clean Beauty, free of pigments and dyes , acetone-free, suitable for sensitive skin, nut-free, lactose-free, phthalate-free, ammonia-free
birthday gift
The essence of the joy of life has been captured in the Light Blue fragrance.

This colorful, fresh, floral and fruity fragrance reflects the Mediterranean way of life. First, the refreshing notes of Sicilian Cedar combine with the crunch of the vibrating notes of Granny Smith Apple and the charm of Bluebell to evoke the essence of Southern Italian summer. The Fresh Bamboo heart nestles between the wonderful bouquet of Jasmine and the delicate White Rose.
Finally, the fragrant Citrus Wood is woven with the alluring Ambra and the evocative caress of Musk.

6.SoulmateEau de Toilette Spray


  • Order No. 765688
  • Character perfumpikantne, oriental
  • Top notes: Saffron, Pepper, Mandarin
  • Heart Notes Nutmeg, Tonka Bean, Lavender
  • Base notes Amber, Patchouli
  • Product type Spray
  • Destiny body
  • birthday gift

7.Water spray perfume


N ° 23 Eau de Parfum. A feminine warm fragrance with spicy notes opening to sunny notes of ylang-ylang, light grapefruit and petitgrain. The heart is beautifully composed of delicate notes of rose, jasmine and Cally lily. A warm base with patchouli, amber and orange blossom completes the fragrance. . Top notes: ylang-ylang, grapefruit, petitgrain. Heart notes: rose, jasmine, lily. Base notes: patchouli, amber, orange blossom

8.Water spray perfume


N ° 19 Eau de Parfum. Energizing and airy composition with citrus, grapefruit, juicy fruit and a hint of mint. A summer heart with watery fruit, flowers and rosewood combined with warm, soothing dry notes of wood, white musk and patchouli. Airy, airy femininity created for warm summer nights. . Top notes: grapefruit, green, fruity, spicy notes, mint. Heart notes: dewy fruit, geranium, rosewood, light floral notes, freesia. Base notes: cedar, sandalwood, musk, patchouli

9.A large jar


A candle in a large jar is the most recognizable product of Yankee Candle. The highest quality paraffin, fully cotton wick and saturated aroma ingredients make up the best quality and allow you to enjoy the intense scent of the candle for up to 150 hours.

CHRISTMAS EVE COCOA – A magical blend of sweet vanilla, praline and mint will introduce you to a joyful Christmas atmosphere.

Top Notes: Citrus, Vetiver, Mint, Marjoram, Cloves Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tuberose Bottom Notes: Woody Notes, Musk, Patchouli

10.GLOV Hair Wrap Turban Cheetah


Are you fed up with frizz and static after using the blow dryer? Do you like home hair treatments, such as oiling? Try the GLOV Hair Wrap hair turban. It will be love from the first drying!

GLOV Hair Wrap:

  • does not damage or tangle the hair.
  • shortens the time of drying hair with a dryer by up to 50%.
    a must-have when performing hair care treatments, i.e. oiling (apply the oil / mask to the hair, then put on the turban – the heat that the Hair Wrap will provide will positively
  • affect the operation of the cosmetic and will make it deeply moisturized and nourished).
  • its compact size makes it perfect for travel.
  • suitable for all hair types.

11.Scent Surround™ DiffusersMyrrh & Tonka


Discreet. Elegantly designed. The diffuser constantly spreads a pleasant scent of the enigmatic Myrrh & Tonka composition filling every room with it.

12.SOHO Tulle hairpin – unicorn


Elegant hairpins. The set includes 10 pins. Material: resin Dimensions: length: 3.5-4 cm

13.A set of 2 dining chairs Rouge


Experience sensual elegance! The Rouge model is characterized by a modern and timeless design and a very high seating comfort thanks to velvety soft upholstery and a curved foam seat. The combination of the red color of the seat and backrest and the golden color of the chair legs makes this piece of furniture particularly refined and will provide a refined atmosphere in your dining room. Moreover, this design adorns any living space and invites you to relax.

14.A stool in two sizes


Room for two! A timelessly elegant stool with a gold-colored metal base and an ivory cover will always be fashionable. You use this item in several ways: it is universal, you get a set of 2 designer stools in two different sizes, which are also practically stackable. And that’s not all! The round shape emphasizes the fashionable retro style and will perfectly complement your bedroom, wardrobe or living room. It can not only be emphasized, but also practical.

15.Divina Crossbody bag Gray


Brand: Valentino Bags Color: Gray Material: Various Bag Type: Clutch, Crossbody Bag Height: 11.5 cm Width: 17 cm Depth: 4 cm Model Number: VBS1R403GCANNAFUCIL

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